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The Intent of Physical Education at Kirkburton First School

The Implementation of Physical Education at Kirkburton First School

PE at Kirkburton First School tends to be taught as a stand-alone subject, covering specific skills as required. Wherever possible some cross-curricular links are made but these are only used where appropriate and are not expected at all times. All classes are allocated a minimum of 2 hours of PE per week, except children in EYFS. Children in EYFS have a one hour PE lesson each week, but also work on their physical development every day through both the indoor and outdoor provision, working on developing both gross motor and fine motor skills.

Through the implementation of the REAL PE scheme of learning, there is a clear continuity across our school. Each year children build on the skills they have developed in the previous year and they also develop their skills through the six multi-abilities that run throughout REAL PE.

Class teachers are encouraged to adapt and amend aspects of the REAL PE scheme of learning to best suit the individual needs of the class they are teaching, providing they ensure that the statutory objectives from the National Curriculum are still being covered. The scheme is also supplemented with additional PE topics/units of work more specific to individual class-based units or topics, such as maypole dancing in Year 1 or country dancing in Year 3. The subject leader will ensure that all objectives have been taught by the end of each key stage.

All children in Year 5 take part in weekly swimming lessons for the first half of the year, from September through to February. This counts as one of their weekly PE sessions.

Where appropriate staff are encouraged to use and promote physical activity in other subject areas. For example, the BBC Super Movers website has been shared with staff as a way of promoting physical activity in both Maths and English lessons. This is with the aim of meeting the Governments 30:30 recommendations to increase daily physical activity for all children. 

We also offer lunchtime sporting activities through the use of our Year 5 play leaders and through the employment of sports coaches who are employed for two lunchtimes a week. As a school we are also part of the Shelley Pyramid. The pyramid organise a very wide variety of inter-school events, some of which are linked to the School Games Pathways. All of these events are opened up to all children across school and we have seen increases in the numbers of children participating in these events in recent years.

The Impact of Physical Education at Kirkburton First School

This section is for posting high-quality photo examples of work from pupils, and quotes from children about the subject.

Please also reference the 5-minute starter work we do to help the children retain their knowledge and skills over time.

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