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Our children's views on bullying

We discussed the anti-bullying policy with the children at Kirkburton First School.

The children had very strong opinions about the issue of bullying and were very confident in the ways that they would deal with any episodes that they may encounter.

  • Bullies should not be in our school because they might break our things and then we couldn't play or learn.
  • We don't like bullies because they hurt people and their feelings.

How would you deal with a bully?

  • I would tell the bully to stop what they were doing.
  • I would tell a teacher about the bully. The teacher would make the bullying stop.
  • I would tell my mummy and daddy and then they would tell an adult at school.  They would make the bully stop.

Do we have bullies in our school?  How do you know?

  • ‚ÄčNo, was the resounding answer in school.
  • We do not have bullies because if anyone is ever mean then everyone tells them to stop it straight away.
  • Our school is just like a big family and families are not mean to each other.  
  • We show friendship to one another.





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